Best MLM

Best MLM?

Below you will find a list of some of the more popular MLM marketing companies.

So, how do you determine which is the best MLM?

Is it like saying what is your favorite movie or favorite Italian restaurant?

Is it the one with the longest rack record, most products, unique product, best management team, famous leadership, most patents, the product line you fall in love with, biggest potential bonus payout, new comp plan design, fanciest website, fastest payout, your mother or best friend is in it, has a famous spokesperson, offers stock options, owned by a larger well established company, has a CEO that used to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company, has a top advisory or medical board, products that have a high ORAC value, product line is consumable, has a favorable policies and procedures (often missed), has a compensation disclosure statement, has a unique brand new, “never been done before compensation plan,” has multiple profit centers, has a great website, 7 day a week customer service, fast start bonuses, pays to infinity, “ground floor opportunity,” in pre-launch, binary, matrix, uni-level, forced matrix, hybrid, one-up, Australian two-up, multiple business centers, commission cap, open in international markets, seamless compensation plan, is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association), offers trips, cars, vacations, cash incentives, has their own in-house legal team, has great literature and training material, offers online access to reports and training, has an offline and online advertising policy, has small auto-ship, large auto-ship requirement, has no auto-ship requirement, has monthly, quarterly, yearly sponsoring requirements, should the product be consumable, disposable, does sponsoring tie into bonus payment depth, markets a cheap product, markets an “expensive” product, has product line suitable for small demographic, large demographic, targets the baby boomers, offers digital, virtual or tangible product line, your up line, is it the one that has all of the above, a combination of the above, ten off the above, one of the above attributes, and the questions can take up the whole bloggosphere.

Here’s what happens in the MLM marketing business world. We fall in love with the concept of being our own boss, working from home, the concept of multi level marketing, residual income and essentially freedom. On the surface not a bad thing, but way to general. Remember 50% of the people that fall in love wind up in divorce, so falling in love with one aspect, or even a handful, of MLM business particulars is not very prudent, especially if you are looking for a lifetime residual payout relationshipJ

So, how do you figure it all out? Not easy. Took me years of business experience and network marketing experience to get close to understanding all the intricacies and it is still a constant learning process.

It is just as difficult for a newbie in multi level marketing to figure it out, as it is for a seasoned pro. And often the deeper we are in a program the more unaware we become. We kind of get sucked in, put the blinders on and go, go, go. But if you are going to go, go, go, you need to make the best possible educated and informed decision on where, why and how you are going to invest your precious time and money with that “Best MLM.” And because that decision is so important and so precious we have created a checklist to help guide you through the MLM minefield called: “The Top 17 Checklist Of What You Must Know Before You Join Any MLM Marketing Program.”

This is a totally unbiased report based on over 40 years of in the trenches marketing of every type. This checklist is a must have and is an insider view from a combination of in the trenches work, (I have personally sponsored close to 1000 MLM distributors), interactions with top earners in the industry, as well as personal interaction with CEO’s and top management of MLM companies ranging from, not so good to great, and small to huge.

This checklist is yours absolutely free as an MY MLM Dream Subscriber. All you need to do is subscribe to “Dave’s Hot MLM Tips” on any of these pages and as part of your tips you will receive this priceless information entitled:

“The Top 17 Checklist Of What You Must Know Before You Join Any MLM Marketing Program.”

This check list was previously only available to my inner circle and when I told a few industry players and CEO’s I was going to release it to the public they weren’t to happy, to say the least. But I would be neglect in my efforts to establish the most insightful, progressive, generic and fruitful community for the MLM marketing industry if I didn’t make this time saving and life changing information available absolutely free.

To get your report, just fill out the form to the right. All your information is strictly confidential and secure.

“See you at the top or from the top. The choice is yours.”

To your success,

Dave Dauber

Founder My MLM Dream

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List of Best MLM Companies

2000now – An online MLM community with various programs, including weight loss. – MLM internet service provider. Offers web hosting, domain registration/re-direction, free e-mail, eCommerce mall, and long distance discount rates.

4 Life Research – Corporate home page. Markets Transfer Factor, an immune system support supplement. Offers a business opportunity.

Acai Plus – Offers an opportunity selling a health drink containing acai, goji, and mangosteen juice.

ACN – Corporate site. Representative opportunity in telecommunications.

Advantage Nutraceuticals Inc – Corporate site offering product and distributor information.

Advocare – Offers an opportunity selling healthcare products.

Agel Enterprises – Markets nutritionals in gel packs.

Aloette – Corporate site. Representative opportunity selling cosmetics and skin care products.

AlpineV – Offers opportunity to seel dietary supplement made with the Alpine Sandthorn Berry. Also offers sales of the product.

AM-300 – Providing weight loss with herbal supplement.

Amazon Herb – Corporate site. Herbs and botanicals derived from the Amazonian rainforest.

Ambit Energy – Offers residential energy in the USA. Includes enrollment form, FAQ and compensation plan.

American Image Marketing – Corporate site for AIM, a MLM company that manufactures health supplements.

AmeriPlan USA – Brokerage opportunity involving medical services.

Amsoil – Corporate site. Representative opportunity selling automotive lubricants.

Arbonne International – Corporate site. Representative opportunity selling health and beauty products.

AtHome America – Details on a HomeStyle Specialists business and the products.

Aularale Cosmetics, Inc. – Official company site. Offers skin care and glamour products and features opportunity for a business.

Avon Products, Inc. – Corporate site. Representative opportunity selling cosmetics, clothing, toys, perfume, jewelry, books, and videos.

Awareness Corporation – Corporate site. Offers information on personal health and well being. Distributor opportunity.

BannersGoMLM – A full one to one banner exchange. Details about the program and the opportunity.

Baywood International, Inc. – Consumer products company specializing in the development, marketing and distribution of nutraceuticals.

BeautiControl – International direct sales skin care, cosmetics, health and image company. Offers consultant opportunities.

Beauty for All Seasons – The originator of the Color Alliance process and the sophisticated computer analysis using skin, hair, and eye color to determine seasonal names. Products and services include cosmetics, skin care, color and image.

Big Planet – An internetworking company offering a financial opportunity to a vast network of sales representatives.

Biometics – Distributor opportunity selling nutritional supplements.

Body Wise International – Provides nutritional and skin care products, education and health services to consumers. Distribution is based on direct selling with multi-level rebates.

BOV Intimates – Corporate Site. Offering intimate apparel through in-home direct sales.

Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies – Network of independent consultants selling coffee, tea, cappuccino, cocoa and cookies. – BuildReferrals sites will help generate referrals in companies, which is known as building a downline. Detailed information is given.

Cambridge Health Plan Limited – Corporate site. Offers products and programs, such as the Cambridge Diet, for weight loss.

Care Entree – Corporate site. Affordable healthcare program for individuals, families and corporations. Marketing agents wanted.

Close to My Heart – Consultants in the U.S. and Canada sell scrapbooking products through in-home parties.

Clustered Water – Nutritional, weight loss and herbal products. Also a MLM opportunity.

Cognigen Communications – Telecommunications services. Mirror websites.

Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics – Cosmetics and skin care products. International distributorships available.

Create-A-Book, Inc. – Offers personalized children’s books, with custom software to make the books at home.

Creative Memories – Career opportunity selling photo-safe scrapbook albums.

CyberWize – Business alternative that capitalizes on the growth of travel and e-commerce on the Internet.

DietBlends – Herbal nutritional supplements. Offers Independent Representative opportunities.

Discovery Toys – Provides children with exceptional products that are educational, developmental and fun. Offers consultant opportunities.

Dorling Kindersley – Opportunity selling children’s books.

Easy Postcard Marketing – Offers a postcard multi-level business opportunity. Includes contact forms.

EcoQuest International – Offers health-related products, including air and water purification systems for the home, vitamins and supplements, and household cleaning products via an affiliate marketing program.

eHostingBiz – Seller of webhosting services and provider of a business opportunity.

Éminence – Offers organic skin care products. Includes information about ingredients, becoming a distributor, and media.

Empire Business Brokers – Financial brokering program, markets and sells businesses.

Eniva Corporation – Alternative health products, and household and automotive cleaners.

Enliven International – Offers opportunity to sell Nitro FX and other noni based products.

Eternal HGH – Human growth hormone releaser.

Forever Living Products International – Producer of aloe vera and bee products. MLM opportunies available.

ForeverGreen – Offers an opportunity selling FrequenSea, which contains marine phytoplankton, ionic sea trace minerals, and aloe vera.

Fragrant Earth – Aromatherapy and essential oils.

FreeLife International – Offers an opportunity selling Himalayan Goji health products.

Fruta Vida International – Offers an opportunity selling a health juice made from acai berry, cupuaca, and yerba mate.

Fuel Freedom International – Offers an opportunity to sell an organic engine conditioner that improves fuel economy.

Future World – A collection of information products and an opportunity to earn an income.

Global Travel International – Become an independent travel agent.

GNLD South Pacific – Headquarters of GNLD International for distributors with information on the business opportunity and products for the public.

Going Platinum – ISP pays user and referrals for surfing the web.

Golden Neo-Life Diamite International – A multi-level marketing company selling nutritional products and water filtration systems.

Goldshield Elite – Offers beauty and nutritional products.

Gourmet Coffee Club – Marketing opportunity.

Goyin – Offers an opportunity to sell a nutritional product made with Asian fruits and herbs.

Great Life International – Offers an anti-aging health food product. – Associates are paid for every sale, 3 levels down.

Greenwood Health Systems – Offers nutritional products for sale and the opportunity to sell them.

HealthyPetNet – Offers nutritional supplements, vitamins and pet care products for puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, ferrets and horses. MLM program for sellers.

Herbalife International – Corporate site. Independent distributor offer selling personal care and nutritional products.

Hi Energy Weight Control Inc. – Weight control centers. Business opportunity.

Home and Garden Party, Ltd. – A home based party plan business featuring home decor items.

HTE – Describes the Chi Machine and offers a distributor package.

HTN – Network marketing company offering nutritional and health supplements.

I.D. IT! Plates – Offers product information and details about the partner program.

Ideal Health – Weight loss drugs and marketing opportunities.

Immunotech Research Ltd – Network marketing company providing health products. – Corporate site describing products, support and information about the automated marketing system.

Infinity2, Inc. – Corporate information site. Distributor offer selling health products.

It Works Marketing – Offers homeopathic and herbal products. Network marketing opportunity described in detail.

Jafra Cosmetics – Corporate site. Consultant opportunity selling fragrances, makeup and skincare products.

Jerky Direct – Multi-level Marketing business offering beef jerky products.

Jewels by Park Lane Inc. – Corporate site offers part-time or full-time opportunities to earn income presenting high fashion jewelry at party plan home shows and personal consultations.

Jiff-e-Books – All-digital custom software and supplies for making personalized children’s books.

JISL – Corporate site explaining the concept.

Juara International – Information on becoming a representative selling Liquid Chlorophyll, a family health-drink.

Jurak Corporation World Wide Inc. – Shares for distributors plan.

Juvio – Offers a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week computer tech support help center.

Kaire Nutraceuticals – Products for anti-aging, immune support, nutrition, antioxidant support, weight management.

Kleeneze – Household, health, and beauty products through a network of independent distributors in the UK, Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Lady Jayne, Ltd. – Offers jewelry for home parties and craft shows.

Life Plus – Network marketing of health products.

Lifestyles – Health, nutrition and weight and loss products.

Longaberger – Offering wrought iron furnishings and accessories, baskets, home decor, tabletop and fabric accessories. Includes career and show information.

M2CGlobal – Offers an opportunity selling A.C.T. energy drink.

Magic Learning Systems – Corporate home page. Sell an educational software system.

Magnapak – Opportunity for distributors to sell a line of magnetic therapy and health related products. – Includes company information, a demo store, affiliate and program details.

Mannatech, Inc. – Official Mannatech Incorporated web site. Health and nutrition products. Offers a network marketing associate program.

Matol Botanical International Ltd – Distributor opportunity, selling health and nutrition products.

Melaleuca, Inc. – Corporate web site. Markets skin care products. Business opportunity.

MetaboGold International – Manufacturer and global supplier of the herbal weight loss supplement MetaboGold 2000.

Metabolife International, Inc. – Corporate site. Offering a family of weight loss products.

Metropolitan Aromatherapy Home Party Company – Corporate site for this home party company offering aromatherapy products.

MonaVie – Offers an opportunity to sell acai berry health juice.

Morinda – Home based health business offering Tahitian noni juice.

MultiSoft Corporation – Custom, corporate, multilevel software programming also provides consulting and support services to existing and startup companies.

MXI Corporation – Offers an opportunity selling Xocai, a chocolate and acai berry nutritional supplement. – Earn commission on referral sales.

NaturScience – Opportunity to sell health, fitness, nutritional, and skin care products.

Nest Family – Producers and distributors of family-oriented entertainment products, including children’s videos. Offers a business opportunity.

New Vision – Corporate home page for New Vision International, seller of various health care products, including Vemma.

Neways International – Corporate site. Marketing opportunity selling anti-aging products.

NHT Global – Offers health and beauty products and a business opportunity.

Nikken U.S.A. – Magnetic products. Founded by Isamu Masuda.

Noevir USA – Details about their beauty products and the business opportunities.

Nu Skin Enterprises – Corporate site. Direct selling company with three divisions, Big Planet, Nu Skin and Pharmanex.

Nutrisource International – Offers shakes, energy drinks, bottled water, and other nutritional products.

Nutronix International – Health foods, nutritional supplements, and topical treatments.

OLA International – Distributor opportunity selling Energybolizer.

Omnitrition International, Inc – Corporate homepage. Independent distributor offer selling nutritional products.

Online Exchange – Start your own web hosting business.

Organic and Natural Enterprise Group – Chemical free personal care, skincare, cosmetics, and hair care products.

Original Limu – Offers an opportunity selling a health beverage made from a sea vegetable from Tonga.

Oxyfresh – Offers pharmacy products and long distance telephone service.

PartyLite – Corporate site. Candles and accessories. Product catalog, decorating suggestions, FAQs, and information on becoming a consultant. [English, French, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, German]

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. – Legal insurance plan, with opportunity for network marketing.

Premier Designs – Direct service company offering distributorships of fashion jewelry.

Prestige Travel Service – Travel agent business opportunity.

Primerica Business Opportunity – Information about independent financial services agent opportunities.

Princess House – Corporate site. A direct selling for products for the home, including handblown and lead crystal, tableware, cookware, bakeware, serveware and collectibles.

Pro-Ma Systems – Provides a business opportunity in cosmetics, nutrition, jewelry, and home and car products.

ProShop At Home – Sell golf equipment, accessories and apparel to via an on-line Internet Pro Shop.

Qing Mei, Inc – Liquid nutritional supplement sales opportunity. The product is called Xing.

Re-Vita – Network marketing opportunity selling nutritional products.

Referralware – Offers an automated referral affiliate program.

Regal Greetings and Gifts – Featuring greeting cards, giftwrap and home products. Offers distributor and catalog information.

Reishi Go – Coffee and tea from the red reishi mushroom.

Relìv International – Formulates and markets nutritional products and functional foods. Distributor opportunity.

Revita Health Corp. – Become a territory director or a sales representative selling Revita supplements.

Revolution Forever Marketing Pvt. – Offers a network business opportunity in selling home and perfume products. Includes FAQ.

Richmont Direct – Information about becoming an Inkbrary consultant.

Scent-Sations Inc. – Offers Mia Bella’s Hand Poured Gourmet Soy Candles. Find product information and distributor program information.

Scentsy – Offers an opportunity selling wickless wax scent bars and related products.

SeneGence International – Offers product information, find a distributor or develop your own business as an Independent Distributor.

Shaklee Corporation – Offers multilevel marketing opportunities selling health and wellness products.

Shure Pets – Pet consultant, products and parties.

Sibu – Offers and opportunity selling seabuckthorn berry health blend.

Silpada Designs – Offers sterling silver jewelry and other Accessories through in-home direct sales. Find company and catalog information, and learn about becoming and independent distributor.

Six Figure Income – International co-op advertising program.

Skeptic’s Heaven – Learn about this MLM Opportunity and read about the company, and its products.

Somalife – Offers distributorships regarding health products, nutritional and longevity supplements.

Southern Heritage, Inc. – Offers a variety of health and wellness products and a home business opportunity.

Southern Living At Home – Home based business party plan includes pottery, iron, home and garden, candles, and decorative accessories. Details about the MLM income opportunity.

Specialty Merchandise Corporation – Corporate web site. Gift item wholesaler and dropshipper. Offers various business opportunities.

Sportron International – Corporate site. Nutritional supplements and business opportunities.

Stamp Affair – Quality wood mounted stamps and all accessories.

Stampin’ Up – Stamp company that sells through the home party system and independent demonstrators.

Starlight International – Markets and distributes nutritional herbs and dietary supplements. Offers a business opportunity.

StarScapes – Program based on selling murals of the night sky to put on ceilings.

Stimulife – Corporate site. Weight loss supplements, diet pills and distributor information.

Strauss Heart Drops – Stops angina, unclogs arteries, removes cholesterol from arteries and heart valves.

Suddenly Slender, The Body Wrap – Inch loss and mineral wraps. Product details and the business opportunities.

Sunless Expressions – Offers supplies and business opportunities for airbrush tanning and tattooing.

Swiss Just – Aromatherapy and essential oils.

TARRAH Cosmetics – Formerly LadyLove Skincare. Offers quality skin care and beauty products. Includes information for consultants.

Tastefully Simple – Corporate site lists products and business opportunity.

The Angel Company – A multi-level, direct sales company founded in 1997. Offers the opportunity to sell items that are made with rubberstamps and accessories.

The Body Shop – Offers skin and hair care products with information covering campaigns, values and company.

The Greeting Cake Company, LLC – Offering personalized special occasion cakes. Includes photos of cake designs, convention and distributor information.

The Pampered Chef – On-line sales of kitchen tools. Catalog available, how to become a consultant, and employment opportunities.

The People’s Empowerment Group – Marketing of travel packages with a spiritual flavor.

The Right Solution – Distributes health and personal care products.

TMN Health – Natural cleaning products, aromatherapy, home spas, and alternative health.

TriVita – Offers nutrition, herbs, women’s, health, and beauty products.

Trusted Health Products – Skin and dental care products.

Tupperware – Official U.S. web site with products available for sale, and information on parties. Work at home career opportunities.

Two Sisters Gourmet – Network marketing/home party company of specialty foods.

Unicity – Distributor opportunity selling nutrition, natural remedies and personal care products.

URI International – Offers an opportunity selling whole food concentrates, plus nutritional and body care products.

Usana – Corporate web site. Distributor opportunity selling nutritionals, skin care, weight-loss and personal care products.

Vantel Pearls in the Oysters – Create a pearl party business.

ViaViente – Offers an opportunity selling a product that is a blend of whole fruit purees, minerals, and herbs.

Victorian Memories – Products include floral waters, Aromatherapy courses, bath products and fudge. Includes details about their business opportunities.

Vision For Life International – Manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade weight loss products, nutritional supplements, and personal care products.

Vitamin Power – Business opportunity marketing a range of health and nutrition products.

Waiora International – A proprietary whole-food blend of freeze dried fruit and botanical extracts in capsules or drink mix powders to help reduce the signs of aging.

Warm Spirit – Sells products which heal, nourish, nurture, and restore balance – to mind, body, and spirit. Learn about the business opportunity.

Watkins Online – Offers gourmet specialty foods, botanical personal-and home-care products, gift baskets, and medicinals.

World Leadership Group (World Lending Group) Online – Sells mortgage products through a network of “downline” agents.

WT Powers – Automated lead generating system.

XanGo – Offers an opportunity to sell a mangosteen juice supplement.

Xler8 Nutrional Products – Health and nutrition products. Offers a network marketing associate program.

Young Living Essential Oils – Offers essential oils, massage oils, supplements, and diffusers. Online distributor sign up.

Youngevity – Opportunities selling mineral and vitamin supplements, nutriceuticals, and aromatherapy products.

Zavita – Offers a liquid herbal supplement muli-level business opportunity.

ZibyCom – Information about a new home business opportunity involving online computer education, free websites and an easy-to-use site builder.

Zija International – Offers an opportunity selling nutritional products containing Moringa oleifera.

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